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Hello!! I am so happy to have you here on my blog. My name is C. Lis (pronounced C. Lee), or if you prefer my teacher name, Ms. Lee. I am originally from a small town in the Central Valley of California and that's where I spent much of my childhood growing up. I was definitely a small town girl with BIG dreams, and many of those BIG dreams got me where I am today. Thanks to my parents, 9 siblings, and Hmong culture I developed a strong backbone to step out into the real world and be that SOMEBODY that I've always wanted to be.

1) I'm a mommy to 1 baby girl with a sassy and bossy personality. She is definitely a handful, but I can't complain because she got that from her momma.

2) I am currently a full-time Kindergarten teacher in Southern California and I love it! I love what I do and the students I teach. I mean c'mon, 4-5 years are the sweetest kids ever! My favorite part of teaching is incorporating technology and hands-on activities into instruction to make learning more fun and meaningful. Technology + Fun = Learning!

3) When I'm not being a teacher-mom, I create curriculum resources to help other teachers around the world in their classrooms (and make their lesson planning easier HAHA). You can find my resources at TeachersPayTeachers in my store: Classroom Shenanigans

4) Last, I am an occasional wannabe teacher-blogger 😉. The inspiration for this blog is to connect with other educators around the world to share my teaching experience and classroom stories. So, here it is, my blog—"a resource to help you navigate through your busy life while teaching and feeling your best." #HappyTeaching

Thanks for stopping by!

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