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How many more days of school do you have left before summer? 4? 8? 12? 15? If you're one of those teachers who's already on summer break, well then LUCKY for you! For those who are still in school, summer just couldn't get here any quicker right?

The end of the year means the kids are buzzing with excitement, the days seem longer, your class acts crazier, and YOU are in survival mode. So, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite end of the year behavior incentive with you during this exciting and crazy time!

What kid doesn't love ice cream or enjoy an ice cream party? Especially at the end of the year?! ✋✋✋ You're probably wondering what is this ice cream party and how does it work?

The ICE CREAM PARTY is a fun behavior incentive where students work together to earn an ice cream party.
Every day students have the opportunity to earn letters based on their overall class behavior and performance at the end of the day. Before students can earn a letter, they must convince YOU with 3 compelling reasons why they earn a letter for the day. Once they earn all 8 letters to spell the words "Ice Cream," they have earned their party.

To start this ice cream party incentive, download the letters HERE. Print, laminate, and cut them out. Then add a magnet strip or double-sided tape to the back of each letter. Hang the letters somewhere visible on the whiteboard or anywhere you want on your classroom wall. Viola! You're off to a fun and non-chaotic end of the school year.

Want to make your Ice Cream Party LIVELIER?  
Bring the beach to your students with this YouTube video of a beach scene with relaxing guitar music. Have your students pretend they're at the beach enjoying a nice ice cream sundae with their friends!  

Side note: There are 8 letters in the word "ice cream". You should have at least 9 or more days to start this fun behavior incentive. However, if you don't, it's all cool. Just pin this post to your Pinterest board and come back to it next year.

I hope you try this with your class and end the school year with a memorable BANG!!

End of the Year Ice Cream Party Behavior Incentive {FREEBIE}

May 27, 2017

Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate the last few weeks or days of school with your students? We’ve spent so much time with our students and have become such great friends with them that it’s only natural for us to want to end the year with a BANG! Having a celebration at the end of the year can be so much fun, especially when we celebrate the students for who they are.

Here are 6 End of the Year Ideas:

1. Hashtag Awards 
Award your hardworking students with 21st Century style certificates. Each student gets a personalized award that describes their personality using a hashtag. This set of Hashtag Awards is an editable PDF product with 47 ready to print awards.

2. Most Likely To... Awards
These fun and whimsical “Most Likely To” certificates will get you and your students smiling! Each student will get a personalized award predicting what they will most likely do in the future base on their personality. There is a total of 60 editable and ready to print awards in this product. It contains 2 sets of 30 awards. 1 set for boys and 1 set for girls.

3. Graduation Certification
Promote your students to the next grade level by presenting them with this End of the Year Graduation Certificate to show your appreciation of all their hard word this year. It's a very simple yet traditional certificate perfect for any school and grade level. It is an EDITABLE certificate, giving you the flexibility to personalize the student's name, grade, school name, date, and teacher/principal signature.

4. Memory Book
Use this memory book to create a keepsake for your students as the school year comes to an end. It is the perfect end of the year reflective activity. It includes a cover for each grade level from Pre-K to 5th Grade. There are tons of opportunity in the memory book for students to be writers and artists.

5. Graduation Signs
These adorable Graduation signs make the perfect photo prop for end of the year keepsakes! Print the sign you need, have students hold it, and capture adorable photos!

6. Last Day of School Signs
Grab this pack of primary colors and chalkboard signs for student picture for last day of school. Take individual photos of your students holding the sign on the last day of school. Send the photos home as a memorable keepsake for the students at the end of the year!

FREE End of the Year Resources

May 13, 2017

HAHAHAH. Am I the only one who feels this way in May? Ever since I started my teaching career, May has been my least favorite month out of the 10 months that we’re at work! I must constantly remind myself that May is just a patience test because if I survive this month without pulling my hair (HAHA!) I get to see the beach for a whole summer. I mean who invented May without consulting the teachers first?! LOL! Teachers have so much to do in May such as getting our beach bodies ready for the summer (hahaha JK!), Mother’s Day crafts, Parent-Teacher conferences, State Testing/End of the Year Assessments, Report Cards, and the list goes on. But it’s all good because we love what we do, that’s why we’re TEACHERS!! #teacherlifeforlife Work gets tough, but teachers never give it!!

Times like this month is when teachers need a motivational push the most. Stress and frustration are at its highest for teachers, but with a little reminder from schools and communities, teachers won’t have to feel like they are alone or underappreciated. With National Teacher’s Appreciation Week coming up next week from May 8th-May 12, it’s the perfect time to appreciate teachers in our lives.

A simple “Thank you for all your hard work” would do, but I've always loved the idea of pampering teachers with little gifts. If I could send every one of my teacher-friends here a gift next week I would. Unfortunately, I can’t which is why I created these Teacher Appreciation gift tags for you as a token of my appreciation. #iappreciateteachers
The gift tags go PERFECTLY with goodie bags or teacher items (coffee cup, gift cards, stationery, etc.) you may find at Target. You don’t need to give teachers an expensive gift or a $100 gift card (although that would be nice 😉😉), but something genuine that describes who they are. Being a teacher myself, I love it when I’m spoiled with gifts that match my personality because it’s personalized and more meaningful to me.

Here are some ways you can assemble the Teacher Appreciation gift tags together.
The perfect gift for that one teacher-friend who we know LOVES coffee and gift card.

A mani-set for that teacher-friend who always gotta have their nails on fleek.

Notepad & flair pen for that stationery-obsessed teacher!

We all know that one teacher-friend who can't live without Dr. Pepper or Coke!

There are so many different ways to assemble the gift tags. All you need is a piece of twine or ribbon to attach the gift tag to the tangible item. Simple and easy to put together with little effort!

Grab your Teacher Appreciation gift tags HERE:
Don’t forget to thank a teacher in your life, past or present, next week!

Happy Teaching!

Teacher Appreciation Ideas + Gift Tags FREEBIE!

May 6, 2017

Holy macaroni!! Can you believe it's April already? In less than 70 days the school year will be over! How exciting and sad is that?? I can never get my emotions straight at the end of May. I don’t know whether to cry because my students will officially be out of my classroom and on to another one, or to jump for joy because there'll be no more lesson planning and grading until August 🙏🙏 *SIGH* #storyofateacherslife

Moving on. Easter is right around the corner and we still need to keep the classroom spirit alive so here are a few goodies you can implement in your classroom for a little extra fun.

First up, Easter Gift tag.

I want to keep my Easter treat simple this year because O-M-G, my students and their chocolate/candy consumption this year is off the chart! (Not really, I'm just being dramatic HAHA.) But seriously, have you guys noticed that this year almost every monthly celebration that involves sweet and sugar always fall on a Sunday before a school day or ON a school day. *palm to the face* This year, to keep my sanity the day after Easter I am choosing a simple candy for my students.

For this little treat, all you need is a bag of lollipops from the Dollar Store and my Easter gift tag. Cut out the Easter gift tag along the gray line and attach it to the lollipop with tape or glue. Done and done! They're a great little treat for your students or something to send with your own kids to school. They're also super easy to put together and inexpensive!! #teachersforthewin

The Easter gift tag works with other candies as well if you don’t want to use lollipops. You can stick the gift tag onto a bag of popcorn and give it to your colleagues, or attach the gift tag with a cute ribbon to a goodie bag. However you decide to use the Easter gift tag your students will love your treat regardless because it’s from you, their TEACHER. To download the Easter Gift Tag just click on the picture below.

Just a reminder, the Easter gift tag is part of my FREE MONTHLY Gift Tags growing bundle made exclusively for you. Please subscribe to my blog and follow me on TeachersPayTeachers (Classroom Shenanigans) to get a monthly update on next month's gift tag freebie.

Next up, Easter Match-up.

Twelve Easter egg cards and one worksheet are included which makes this the perfect little small group activity or partner activity. It is perfect for reviewing the famous consonant digraphs in Kindergarten: sh, th, wh, ch. This activity works perfectly for the month of April so no need to put them away after all the Easter excitement has died down!

To start the activity, students will take turn matching the picture and word to make an Easter egg. The students will share the word they found with everyone in the group or to their partner. Then everyone will search their worksheet to identify it and write the beginning digraph on the line next to the corresponding picture. Everyone will take turn matching the pictures and words until all the eggs have been paired. Once all the eggs have been paired correctly, students can color the worksheet (border, picture, and "Missing Digraphs" word) for FUN!

Click the picture below to download your copy!

Enjoy your freebies and have an AH-MAZING April!! If you have any questions, please let me know. Til next time ✌️✌️

Easter Freebies! - Gift Tag + Digraphs Game

April 4, 2017

Hello there! I have great news to share with you today! If you purchased my CVC Phonics Worksheets and LOVED them, I've finally decided to make a second set featuring the long vowels (magic "e"/sneaky "e"/silent "e").
I spent a lot of time creating this second set and am so excited to share with you how I’ve been using them in my own classroom.

First, I teach one long vowel at a time, focusing on word families that have the long vowel we're learning. After we have some practice as a whole class, I introduce the CVCe phonics worksheet. The first thing we do is review each long vowel sound by pointing to them so we remember the sounds they make. Then we practice reading the isolated sounds (with the dots) of the word family to help us understand what sound the long vowel makes and that the "e" doesn't make any sound (hence there's no dot under it). Once we got the isolated sounds down, we move on to blend them together to make the word family.

Next, we move to the word bank and applied what we just learned. For each word, we highlight the long vowel we're learning and draw an arrow to the "e" to help us remember that the highlighted letter makes a long vowel sound. Sometimes we circle the long vowel with a pen or pencil instead of highlighting it. Then we practice reading the words by segmenting them into individual sounds and blending them together. We do this a few times together as a whole class. This helps us practice our letter sounds, long vowels rule, and phonemic awareness skills (segmenting and blending).

After that, we read the words three times. We always read the words using three different voices in three different ways each time. This keeps the students engaged and makes their learning FUN! Sometimes we start off reading the words together mocking my teacher voice, then with a partner using a baby voice, then by ourselves using an old person's voice. Students color a star each time they read all the words so we can track how many times we have read. I'm all about fun and free choice in my classroom so I give my students the choice to read the words in any order they want as long as they read all the words.

Now it’s time to show what learned. We identify and color the picture, write the missing long vowel (students will apply the segmenting skill they learned from the word bank activity to complete this part), and then write the complete word. Finally, we get to incorporate our writing skill in this worksheet by choosing any word from the word bank and using it in a sentence.

Easy and fun right to use, right?! I promise your students will love these worksheets as much as we do. Your students will be learning so many different skills, they won’t even realize it. These worksheets are great for review, homework, whiteboard pocket activity, and so much more. You can also use them in small groups, as a partner activity, or together as a whole class. There are so many ways to use the worksheets that I hope you will find it to be an effective resource in your classroom. This new CVCe Phonics Worksheet set will be 20% for the next 48 hours along with the CVC Phonics Worksheet set by clicking HERE.

Now for your freebie!! I included a 4-page free sample of this resource just for you. You can snag your copy to use right away by clicking on the picture below. Enjoy and Happy Teaching!! Till next time. ✌️✌️

FREE CVCe Phonics Worksheets!

March 26, 2017

Let's be honest. The end of the school year is 2 months away and everyone is feeling it. The kids are out of control, the classroom is a chaos, and we're teacher tired to the extreme. What to do? How do we uplift the classroom spirit? GIFT TAGS!! Gift tags are the PERFECT treats to give students and teachers as a pick-me-upper and friendly gesture of your appreciation for them. What would we do without our lovely co-workers because they're the ones who truly understand our teacher lives. And our amazing students! They help shape us to be better teachers every day by testing our patience LOL. If it weren't for them to challenge us, we wouldn't be needing all kinds of different and creative management tools in the classroom. All in all, gift tags not only come with treats, but with LOVE too. Believe it or not gift tags put a smile on our students and co-workers' faces! They are sunshine treats to make everyone's day better. Gift tags FOR THE WIN!!

Moving along.

St. Patrick's Day is this week and I wanted to share a printable gift tag that you can use to give your colleagues and students as a treat. There are 2 versions of the gift tags: one for students and one for teachers.

For this little treat, you'll need Rolo chocolate candy.
You can find this candy anywhere. However, I ordered mine online from Target a few days ago and they should be here any day now. (If you're wondering why I ordered online instead of buying in-store, it's a long story. Maybe a story for another day 😉.) In a clear cellophane treat bag, put a few Rolo inside, tie it with a cute string or twine, and attach the gift tag. Viola! You are done!! These cute treats will be ready for your students and co-workers in less than 15 minutes whether you start tonight, tomorrow, or Thursday night HAHAH. Don't you just LOVE gift tags??

To download this free printable gift tag, click HERE or the picture below.
**SIDE NOTE: I decided to combine the St. Patrick's gift tag with the February gift tag to create a FREE MONTHLY Gift Tags bundle for you all. If you downloaded last month's gift tag, just re-download the updated version and you'll get the St. Patrick's gift tag. This FREE MONTHLY Gift Tags product is a growing bundle and will be updated every month with a new gift tag. Please subscribe to my blog and follow me on TeachersPayTeachers (Classroom Shenanigans) to get a monthly update on the next month's gift tag freebie.

Now let's talk literacy centers. I love literacy centers and the different skills my students are exposed to (and I'm sure many of you do too), which is why I created a consonant blends activity. It’s a hands-on matching game with a St. Patrick’s theme that fits perfectly for this week or any time in March. Click the picture to grab your FREE St. Patrick’s Day literacy center.
I hope you enjoy these freebies. Stay Blessed & Have a wonderful week!

Printable St. Patrick's Gift Tag + Literacy Center FREEBIES

March 13, 2017

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