30 ct. Elmer's Gluesticks, Only $6.95 @ Target!

August 12, 2016

Can you believe it’s almost the start of a new school year? For some of us we have less than a week left of summer and there’s just so much to prep and plan for. If you’re anything like me your to do list is as long as PCH (Pacific Coast Highway in SoCal) and you have nightmares about going to school unprepared on the first day of school. For weeks now I’ve been prepping non-stop, printing and laminating as if there’s no tomorrow, and lurking around stores for school supplies as if I’m a thief HAHA! But really I’m not a thief, I’m just shopping for back to school deals on classroom supplies, which brings me to write about this blog post.

As teachers, we all know how quick our classroom supplies run out before Winter Break and by Spring Break we give up asking for donations. However, it does not have to be that way because I found a great deal at Target to save you some grief on one of the most used and asked for supply by teachers: GLUESTICKS! Yes, I wrote it and you read it correctly. GLUESTICKS! GLUESTICKS!! GLUESTICKS!!! GLUESTICKS!!!!

There is a deal this week at Target on the 30 count Elmer's Gluesticks (which ends tomorrow night because of the Target Cartwheel Offer and I’m truly sorry for writing this blog post so late). The 30 ct. Elmer's Gluesticks is priced at $9.99 (original price), but with Target Mobile Coupon, Target Cartwheel and Target RedCard you will save a few dollars getting these glue sticks at the cheapest price I have ever seen them at.

Below is a break down and explanation of how I got 4 packs of 30 ct. Elmer's Gluesticks for $6.95 each.

If you understand how Target discounts work you can read this short breakdown. Otherwise, skip the breakdown section  and read the long explanation below.


● Buy 4 packs of 30ct Elmer's Gluesticks @ $9.99

● Use "Spend $30.00 or more on school supplies and receive $5.00 gift card" offer from Target Mobile Coupon

● Use “20% Elmer's Glue” offer from Target Cartwheel

● Use your Target RedCard and save 5% off your total purchase
**Because I leave in CA there is an 8.0% tax on my subtotal before I can get 5% off my total purchase**
● Pay: $32.83, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
● Final Price: $27.80, when you buy all 4 (resulting in each pack of Elmer's Gluesticks to cost only $6.95 each)

1)  Buy 4 packs of 30ct Elmer's Gluesticks @ $9.99
Your subtotal before discounts and taxes will be $39.96.

2)  Use "Spend $30.00 or more on school supplies and receive $5.00 gift card" offer from Target Mobile Coupon. Your subtotal will not be affected from the mobile coupon because this coupon is for you to receive a $5.00 Target gift card for spending over $30.00.
Your subtotal will remain at $39.96.

3)  Use “20% Elmer's Glue” offer from Target Cartwheel and it will automatically take 20% off each pack of Elmer Gluesticks. (Please keep in mind that Target Cartwheel only allows a maximum of 4 qualifying items per offer per transactions. If you buy 5 packs of Elmer's Gluesticks, Target Cartwheel will only give 20% discount to 4 out of the 5 packs of Elmer's Gluesticks.)
After Target Cartwheel your subtotal will be $32.00.

4)  If you live in California an 8.0% tax will be added to your subtotal of $32.00.
Your total will come out to be $34.56.

5)  If you have a Target RedCard you save an additional 5% off your total purchase which brings your total of $34.56 down to $32.83.

6)  After your payment goes through you will receive a $5.00 Target gift card for spending over $30 on school supplies. This is the part where most customers get confused, so please read carefully. You got $5.00 back (but in the form of a gift card) for shopping at Target on school supplies which you would deduct that from your total of $32.83. Your final pay will be $27.80 for purchasing all 4 packs of 30ct Elmer's Gluesticks, resulting in you only paying $6.95 for each pack of gluesticks!

7)  Now you a $5.00 Target gift card in your hand, what do you do with it? You can save it for next time, buy another pack of gluesticks, or whatever else you need.

O-M-G! How crazy and easy is that right?! Now that you understand how this gluestick deal works, run to Target today and get your gluesticks before the Target Cartwheel is over Saturday night. Please keep in mind that this deal only works in-store and not online because Target Cartwheel only works for in-store purchases. Also taxes vary in different states so your final pay on this deal may be slightly higher or lower than mine.

Btw, if your husband doesn’t mind take him to Target and use his phone to get this deal a second time. I did this 2 days ago with my husband using the $5.00 Target gift card as well and I now have 240 gluesticks ready for the school year. Ask me after Winter Break to see how many of those 240 gluesticks made it to see Christmas! ;)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope this deal works for you. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. I am more than happy to help you. #HappyTeaching
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