End of the Year Ice Cream Party Behavior Incentive {FREEBIE}

May 27, 2017

Hello Friends!

How many more days of school do you have left before summer? 4? 8? 12? 15? If you're one of those teachers who's already on summer break, well then LUCKY for you! For those who are still in school, summer just couldn't get here any quicker right?

The end of the year means the kids are buzzing with excitement, the days seem longer, your class acts crazier, and YOU are in survival mode. So, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite end of the year behavior incentive with you during this exciting and crazy time!

What kid doesn't love ice cream or enjoy an ice cream party? Especially at the end of the year?! ✋✋✋ You're probably wondering what is this ice cream party and how does it work?

The ICE CREAM PARTY is a fun behavior incentive where students work together to earn an ice cream party.
Every day students have the opportunity to earn letters based on their overall class behavior and performance at the end of the day. Before students can earn a letter, they must convince YOU with 3 compelling reasons why they earn a letter for the day. Once they earn all 8 letters to spell the words "Ice Cream," they have earned their party.

To start this ice cream party incentive, download the letters HERE. Print, laminate, and cut them out. Then add a magnet strip or double-sided tape to the back of each letter. Hang the letters somewhere visible on the whiteboard or anywhere you want on your classroom wall. Viola! You're off to a fun and non-chaotic end of the school year.

Want to make your Ice Cream Party LIVELIER?  
Bring the beach to your students with this YouTube video of a beach scene with relaxing guitar music. Have your students pretend they're at the beach enjoying a nice ice cream sundae with their friends!  

Side note: There are 8 letters in the word "ice cream". You should have at least 9 or more days to start this fun behavior incentive. However, if you don't, it's all cool. Just pin this post to your Pinterest board and come back to it next year.

I hope you try this with your class and end the school year with a memorable BANG!!
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  1. Sounds like a fun idea. I can't wait to try it! Thanks.


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