January Mini Family Project + Freebie

February 12, 2016

Hi everyone! I am so sorry for this very late and overdue post. I've been super busy with work and my little one that I barely have the time to blog. However, tonight I finally have the chance to write about this January mini project I've been meaning to write. So here starts the blog post....

Last month's mini family project was about Sight Words. My little TK learners and their families had a hand-on activity to learn, recognize, and read 6 sight words. The six sight words I gave my little learners were: the, can, my, and, for & it. Just a little side note: my TK's were already introduced to those sight words as part of their reading curriculum. For this project, my students searched through magazines or newspaper for each sight words at least 7 times. 6 of the 7 sight words found must be glue anywhere on the paper. The 7th sight word goes on the blank line to complete the sight word sentence. I added a sentence for each sight word to help my students understand how the words are use. The overall purpose of this mini project was to reinforce and review 6 sight words my TK students had a difficult time with. 

Below are a few examples of the project my little learners completed and turned in. I was really impressed at how much effort they put into the project. The parents also did a wonderful job helping their child complete the mini project.

Don't forget to click HERE and grab your Sight Word freebie. You can send it home as a mini project or use it in the classroom as a hands-on learning activity. If you send this activity home as a project, don't forget to write a letter explaining how you want the assignment to be completed, when it's due, and your expectations.

Enjoy and Happy Teaching!!
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