It’s already MARCH?!?!

March 5, 2016

Oh boy, I can’t believe we’re already 5 days into March. I just celebrated Valentine’s Day with my husband not too long ago. Wasn’t yesterday the 100th day of school? Didn’t my daughter just turn 10 months a few weeks ago? We just had a field trip last week and now you’re telling me there’s another one in 2 weeks? See what I mean HAHAHA.

If you’re anything like me, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. When you’re a teacher and a mother there are 100 million things running through your mind at the same time that it seems impossible to sit down and relax. But when you do, you finally realize what time and day it is. This year is going by so fast that I could barely keep up with the months. I still experience times when I would write the date as January or February. #brainfart #mommymoment #lifeofateacher I know tell me about it!

With the start of a new month already, I thought today would be a great time to talk about what I have planned for March in my classroom. Right now my daughter is sleeping next to me while I blog, so this is my “sit down, relax, and soak in the moment time.”

March is one of my favorite month (aside from April) because it’s the time when there are sooooooo much to celebrate and learn about in the primary grades. There’s Dr. Seuss/Read Across America, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring season, Easter, Spring Break, and if you teach TK like me, a lot of March Birthdays.
Just writing this right now my mind is already spinning and thinking of new activities to incorporate into my March lesson plans. But I love teaching my little ones about those celebrations because they are always excited to learn new things and curious to see what the hype is all about. That being said, I always hype my students up one week or a few days in advanced to get them eager to learn and come to school.

Just the past week we celebrated Dr. Seuss/Read across America all week and my TK students can literally tell me: 1) Dr. Seuss is an author, 2) an author writes the story, 3) the 5 read aloud books written by Dr. Seuss, 4) the Dr. Seuss activities we completed in class during literacy and math centers, and 5) read –at words. I am not kidding, y’all. These are 4-5 years old in my classroom telling me all that.

Below are a few photos I was able to capture of how we celebrated Dr. Seuss week.

The 5 read aloud books we had fun reading about.

The Cat in the Hat Number Sequence

-at word family Cat In the Hat

We also did a directed drawing of the Cat in the Hat, but I forgot to take a picture of how cute they turned out.

For the upcoming weeks in March, we will be learning about St. Patrick’s Day, the Chicken Life cycle, Easter, and celebrating Good Friday. My Spring Break is the week after Good Friday and I already made a list of fun activities to have a GOOD FRIDAY on Good Friday. HAHAHA!!

These are some of the activities I will be doing with my little TK’s.

For St. Patrick’s Day we will complete a 3D rainbow craft like this one I found on Pinterest. Click HERE to go to the direct craft itself. If you're like me, I like to incorporate writing with arts & crafts so my TK’s will be using a writing template to write about the colors of the rainbow.


I started STEM early for my TK’s because I believe STEM works for all ages. Not only that, but the critical thinking, creativity, and technology aspects of STEM deepen as children gets older because their thinking process changes. This month we will complete 3 stem challenges with slight modifications: building a bridge with coins, creating a leprechaun trap, and creating a rainbow with color dyes. Those 3 stem challenges are from my March STEM Pack for free from my TPT Store. You can download my March STEM Pack HERE or by clicking the picture below.

I will also include some fun St. Patrick’s Printables for my Literacy and Math centers. I am a hands-on learning teacher, but I like to throw in printable here and there to help my students with their fine motor skill.
You can buy the full St. Patrick’s Packet from my TPT store by clicking HERE.

Lastly, to celebrate Easter and learn about the Chicken Life cycle we will paint magic eggs on a piece of paper to reveal sight words we’ve learned. To complete this activity, you need an egg template (link below), a white crayon, and watercolor paint. You can write words inside each egg using a white crayon or have your students do it instead. Then the students will paint each egg with a different color to reveal the words inside the egg. For this activity, I will personalize each student’s worksheet because my students are at different levels on sight words. All they do is paint each egg different colors and read to me the sight words.
You can download the template HERE or by clicking the picture above.
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