Printable St. Patrick's Gift Tag + Literacy Center FREEBIES

March 13, 2017

Let's be honest. The end of the school year is 2 months away and everyone is feeling it. The kids are out of control, the classroom is a chaos, and we're teacher tired to the extreme. What to do? How do we uplift the classroom spirit? GIFT TAGS!! Gift tags are the PERFECT treats to give students and teachers as a pick-me-upper and friendly gesture of your appreciation for them. What would we do without our lovely co-workers because they're the ones who truly understand our teacher lives. And our amazing students! They help shape us to be better teachers every day by testing our patience LOL. If it weren't for them to challenge us, we wouldn't be needing all kinds of different and creative management tools in the classroom. All in all, gift tags not only come with treats, but with LOVE too. Believe it or not gift tags put a smile on our students and co-workers' faces! They are sunshine treats to make everyone's day better. Gift tags FOR THE WIN!!

Moving along.

St. Patrick's Day is this week and I wanted to share a printable gift tag that you can use to give your colleagues and students as a treat. There are 2 versions of the gift tags: one for students and one for teachers.

For this little treat, you'll need Rolo chocolate candy.
You can find this candy anywhere. However, I ordered mine online from Target a few days ago and they should be here any day now. (If you're wondering why I ordered online instead of buying in-store, it's a long story. Maybe a story for another day 😉.) In a clear cellophane treat bag, put a few Rolo inside, tie it with a cute string or twine, and attach the gift tag. Viola! You are done!! These cute treats will be ready for your students and co-workers in less than 15 minutes whether you start tonight, tomorrow, or Thursday night HAHAH. Don't you just LOVE gift tags??

To download this free printable gift tag, click HERE or the picture below.
**SIDE NOTE: I decided to combine the St. Patrick's gift tag with the February gift tag to create a FREE MONTHLY Gift Tags bundle for you all. If you downloaded last month's gift tag, just re-download the updated version and you'll get the St. Patrick's gift tag. This FREE MONTHLY Gift Tags product is a growing bundle and will be updated every month with a new gift tag. Please subscribe to my blog and follow me on TeachersPayTeachers (Classroom Shenanigans) to get a monthly update on the next month's gift tag freebie.

Now let's talk literacy centers. I love literacy centers and the different skills my students are exposed to (and I'm sure many of you do too), which is why I created a consonant blends activity. It’s a hands-on matching game with a St. Patrick’s theme that fits perfectly for this week or any time in March. Click the picture to grab your FREE St. Patrick’s Day literacy center.
I hope you enjoy these freebies. Stay Blessed & Have a wonderful week!
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