Easter Freebies! - Gift Tag + Digraphs Game

April 4, 2017

Holy macaroni!! Can you believe it's April already? In less than 70 days the school year will be over! How exciting and sad is that?? I can never get my emotions straight at the end of May. I don’t know whether to cry because my students will officially be out of my classroom and on to another one, or to jump for joy because there'll be no more lesson planning and grading until August 🙏🙏 *SIGH* #storyofateacherslife

Moving on. Easter is right around the corner and we still need to keep the classroom spirit alive so here are a few goodies you can implement in your classroom for a little extra fun.

First up, Easter Gift tag.

I want to keep my Easter treat simple this year because O-M-G, my students and their chocolate/candy consumption this year is off the chart! (Not really, I'm just being dramatic HAHA.) But seriously, have you guys noticed that this year almost every monthly celebration that involves sweet and sugar always fall on a Sunday before a school day or ON a school day. *palm to the face* This year, to keep my sanity the day after Easter I am choosing a simple candy for my students.

For this little treat, all you need is a bag of lollipops from the Dollar Store and my Easter gift tag. Cut out the Easter gift tag along the gray line and attach it to the lollipop with tape or glue. Done and done! They're a great little treat for your students or something to send with your own kids to school. They're also super easy to put together and inexpensive!! #teachersforthewin

The Easter gift tag works with other candies as well if you don’t want to use lollipops. You can stick the gift tag onto a bag of popcorn and give it to your colleagues, or attach the gift tag with a cute ribbon to a goodie bag. However you decide to use the Easter gift tag your students will love your treat regardless because it’s from you, their TEACHER. To download the Easter Gift Tag just click on the picture below.

Just a reminder, the Easter gift tag is part of my FREE MONTHLY Gift Tags growing bundle made exclusively for you. Please subscribe to my blog and follow me on TeachersPayTeachers (Classroom Shenanigans) to get a monthly update on next month's gift tag freebie.

Next up, Easter Match-up.

Twelve Easter egg cards and one worksheet are included which makes this the perfect little small group activity or partner activity. It is perfect for reviewing the famous consonant digraphs in Kindergarten: sh, th, wh, ch. This activity works perfectly for the month of April so no need to put them away after all the Easter excitement has died down!

To start the activity, students will take turn matching the picture and word to make an Easter egg. The students will share the word they found with everyone in the group or to their partner. Then everyone will search their worksheet to identify it and write the beginning digraph on the line next to the corresponding picture. Everyone will take turn matching the pictures and words until all the eggs have been paired. Once all the eggs have been paired correctly, students can color the worksheet (border, picture, and "Missing Digraphs" word) for FUN!

Click the picture below to download your copy!

Enjoy your freebies and have an AH-MAZING April!! If you have any questions, please let me know. Til next time ✌️✌️
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