Teacher Appreciation Ideas + Gift Tags FREEBIE!

May 6, 2017

HAHAHAH. Am I the only one who feels this way in May? Ever since I started my teaching career, May has been my least favorite month out of the 10 months that we’re at work! I must constantly remind myself that May is just a patience test because if I survive this month without pulling my hair (HAHA!) I get to see the beach for a whole summer. I mean who invented May without consulting the teachers first?! LOL! Teachers have so much to do in May such as getting our beach bodies ready for the summer (hahaha JK!), Mother’s Day crafts, Parent-Teacher conferences, State Testing/End of the Year Assessments, Report Cards, and the list goes on. But it’s all good because we love what we do, that’s why we’re TEACHERS!! #teacherlifeforlife Work gets tough, but teachers never give it!!

Times like this month is when teachers need a motivational push the most. Stress and frustration are at its highest for teachers, but with a little reminder from schools and communities, teachers won’t have to feel like they are alone or underappreciated. With National Teacher’s Appreciation Week coming up next week from May 8th-May 12, it’s the perfect time to appreciate teachers in our lives.

A simple “Thank you for all your hard work” would do, but I've always loved the idea of pampering teachers with little gifts. If I could send every one of my teacher-friends here a gift next week I would. Unfortunately, I can’t which is why I created these Teacher Appreciation gift tags for you as a token of my appreciation. #iappreciateteachers
The gift tags go PERFECTLY with goodie bags or teacher items (coffee cup, gift cards, stationery, etc.) you may find at Target. You don’t need to give teachers an expensive gift or a $100 gift card (although that would be nice 😉😉), but something genuine that describes who they are. Being a teacher myself, I love it when I’m spoiled with gifts that match my personality because it’s personalized and more meaningful to me.

Here are some ways you can assemble the Teacher Appreciation gift tags together.
The perfect gift for that one teacher-friend who we know LOVES coffee and gift card.

A mani-set for that teacher-friend who always gotta have their nails on fleek.

Notepad & flair pen for that stationery-obsessed teacher!

We all know that one teacher-friend who can't live without Dr. Pepper or Coke!

There are so many different ways to assemble the gift tags. All you need is a piece of twine or ribbon to attach the gift tag to the tangible item. Simple and easy to put together with little effort!

Grab your Teacher Appreciation gift tags HERE:
Don’t forget to thank a teacher in your life, past or present, next week!

Happy Teaching!
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